In a dystopian society where the males depend on female genes to become fully mature intelligent beings, a group of female insurgents, the Mantle, seeks to usurp political power to even the playing field. The mantle had long rumored that the Ma’at, an all-powerful woman would emerge to redeem women as rulers once again, but powerful forces amongst the males are determined to maintain the Status quo– at all cost.

Scented: The Status Quo establishes the struggle between the sexes in a world where it does matter who you sleep with. Males are born mentally neutered until a woman scents them. Parents carefully choose educated women whose DNA will complete the man they have cultivated. Evan Abram is one such man. He soon learns after inheriting his father’s job as Commissioner of Surveyors that his wife, Marla, is an agent for the Mantle. Evan’s career is on the fringes, and an ambitious senator consistently nips at Evan’s heels for the capture of the legendary Ma’at who has been reversing key scentings. Despite these setbacks, Evan rebounds in the arms of his secretary who helps him to regain his confidence. Meanwhile, the ambitious senator launches his secret plan to usurp the two opposing political parties: the Mantle and the Rune.

Scented is an emotional roller-coaster that eloquently combines political issues, corruption and exploitation. Bonostro does a fantastic job building up compelling characters in this story that are authentic and grounded. I was able to immerse myself in the story and understand each side of the opposing parties because the characters were believable. This book is a fast paced read with rare moments that are held up by exposition. Otherwise, Scented is a riveting dystopian science fiction novel.” –Literary Titan, October 2020.

“I will give this country the change it desperately needs.”

Marla scoffed at the comment. “You’re a political poltroon who can’t survive on his own merits, so you leech on to your

constituents’ moral sensibilities instead. And you call that change?”

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